wemix allows the users to record 10 second videos whilst watching prerecorded videos from other users or from himself and lets you play up to 4 videos at the same time. Any person can record videos and free them up for other users to join. The result it’s a kind of animated mosaic.

• Unlimited free uploads
• Record videos instantly with your friends
• Share on Facebook
• Find, follow and interact with people like you.
• And much more

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Bruno Pato


Bruno Pato is a musician, singer, composer, dubbing actor, translator and artists manager. Graduated Bachelor in Publicity and Advertising at FAAP (Armando Álvares PenteadoFoundation) the 32 year old natural from SãoPaulo plays the acoustic guitar, practices Aikido and is a videogame’s world smitten.

Gustavo Salomão


Bachelor in Industrial Design focused in Product Design at the São Paulo Belas Artes University, Gustavo Salomão worked for almost ten years as an interface designer. In the spare time he plays the acoustic guitar and is a huge lover of baseball and football.